The increase in the production of «Plant Based» products is generating major changes in various segments of both the production, marketing and promotion of this segment in the diet of people who have already passed the vegetarian and vegan segment, being adopted by a significant percentage of people who want to change their eating habits.

The development of companies that are working in the FoodTech niche is generating a great opportunity to worry beyond the final consumer who buys these products, but rather, the fields around the world where the necessary ingredients are being produced for the manufacture of innovative foods such as mayonnaise, hamburgers, milk, ice cream, among others.

“There are interesting challenges around the AgTech development of technologies around agriculture since this increase in the consumption of certain vegetables such as pineapple, peas, cabbage and other ingredients for the production of “plant based products” is generating a new way of seeing to agriculture due to the need to support the communities that are cultivating since impacts are also generated in the territories around water management, farm work and the lives of the people who produce these vital elements.” notes Agricultural Engineer, Maximiliano Morales.

According to Sergio Bustos Cabrera, AmixTech consultant: “This is why, together with Maximiliano Morales and a team of professionals, we launched the area of ​​strategic projects to meet the needs of FoodTech – AgTech companies in Chile and abroad, in particular the first period when a company starts looking for where it is going to buy or produce the vegetables, fruits and grains that are required for the production of its plant based products. We are convinced that this current need of companies around the world of the “plant based” niche is generating impacts in the fields where they are being produced due to an increased demand for these fruits, grains and vegetables.

This specialization in the Plant Based niche by the founder of emerged years ago when Maximiliano Morales worked as a strategic advisor for the innovation agency of Chile, CORFO and then was Manager of program Nodo Estratégico Chile Vitivinícola 2.0, where 4 strategic axes were defined: Climate Change, Development of New Products and image.

At the end of this consultancy, the professional focused on working in the niche of plant based products throughout the production and marketing chain, starting by analyzing the factors that were going to impact the territories where the vegetables, fruits and grains used are being produced in the manufacture of these innovative products.

Last year, Maximiliano Morales while working as a Wine Specialist aboard Silver Cloud Expedition Ship – «Culinary Voyage» presented a lecture about «plant based» products, generating great debate with passengers around the issue of where the products used in the production of this new food category came from.

How to enter the Chilean Market:

Global companies that provide solutions in water, energy, big data, machine learning, among others for the Agriculture, Food, Animal Production, Mining, Forestry among other sectors can enter the Chilean market thanks to a new service of outsourcing of marketing and business exploration for AgTech, FoodTech, FinTech, AI, BioTech, TourismTech companies and startups that was created by Maximiliano Morales, CEO of AmixTech, the innovation division of

Also, with the aim of keep positioning Chile as one of the pioneers in latinamerica to attract investment and high end investors, the Innovation & Entrepreneur Tour in Chile was launched to integrate Santiago, Valparaíso, Concepción, Puerto Varas and other cities for visitors from Universities, Technological Centers.

According to Maximiliano Morales, “The acceleration marketing and business exploration for AgTech-BioTech-FoodTech-FinTech-AI startups aims to strengthen the period of commercial validation to analyze the local market to find the right niche to work in a first stage to then focus on the process of searching for new clients that ensure the sustainability of the product or service, specially created for foreign companies.

Other segment of startups and companies that Maximiliano Morales got specialized is the FinTech after consulting three related companies to pre-paid credit cards, financial literacy and transaction app for retail in Chile.


The Innovation & Entrepreneur Tour include to visit mainly Santiago and other cities that are working to develop a local hub in specific niches to attract talents, ideas and technological challenges to solve problems in the area thanks to the support of several estate institutions, local universities or innovation centers.

The target of the “Innovation & Entrepreneur Tour in Chile” are the embassies in Chile, NGOs, business schools, innovation centers and fraternities of Europe, United States, Asia and Africa that want to know more about the Chilean ecosystem of innovation and entrepreneurship, which according to Forbes magazine is one of the most active and influential in the region.

The students and delegations will be able to program in advance the niche they wish to know more about, in addition to the city or cities of interest based on the specific topics they want to explore.

For the Ñuble and Bio Bio Regions, the tour will be a technical oriented to know the advances in wine grape growing of ancient vineyards of more than 100 and up to 150 years in full production, visiting productive areas of varieties such as pais muscat of Alexandria, in addition to Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc pre-phyloxeric in the area of ​​San Rosendo, near Claro and Laja rivers.

In the case of Valdivia and Puerto Varas, the objective is to professionalize the strategies that must be implemented around Climate Change, since these two cities and geographical area, represents the northern zone of Patagonia that is undergoing radical changes in its climate, which has generated a agricultural transition area that is considered as an frontier extension that will bring many technological challenges to face the new agriculture and viticulture that we are seeing that is being established.

For those interested in the re-construction of old houses in Valparaíso, a specific theme of Old Architecture was included, where visitors will be able to learn about the great innovation that architects and builders are leading in the recovery of immigrant families’ houses built entirely in wood and concrete.

Through an alliance with the Founder and Co-owner of Splashcoworking of San Marcos, Texas, a global strategy will be initiated among potential stakeholders from several states to generate global links to promote the Tour.

The experience of the “Innovation & Entrepreneur Tour in Chile » ends with a tasting of Chilean wines from old vineyards in a wine bar to show the different terroirs of wine production from the valleys of Itata, Maule, Maipo and others.

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