Sophia Stylianos is a thirteen year old student at Sidwell Friends in Washington D.C. When she was at home from school due to social distancing she was organizing her room. Sophia came across 100 percent cotton fabric with raspberry detailing.

Sophia Stylianos

Sophia is sewing fabric masks for healthcare professionals, patients and the elderly using the raspberry fabric. The CDC recently approved the use of fabric masks following some guidelines issued. This is not the ideal situation for our healthcare workers but with the CDC’s recent announcement Sophia was inspired. If the masks will be produced soon in factories that are currently being retrofitted Sophia will focus on crafting for the elderly, patients and anyone interested.

Her mom got this particular fabric years ago because Sophia’s dad nicknamed her raspberry. In 2012 Sophia’s dad unexpectedly passed away and Sophia has held onto the fabric until now.

If you are a sewing enthusiast Sophia hopes that you will join Sophia’s efforts with your talents to be part of this sewing community and movement. To start you will need a sewing machine, 100% cotton fabric and 1/4 elastic band. We are looking for funding to purchase additional supplies and for cutters or anyone with access to Gerber industry cutters to scale.

We will be focusing on New York, California and Washington state since the data is showing that these are the hardest hit areas at this time. More details to follow. Please text us at 213-718-2359