Chile is becoming a great market for new services in the Delivery, FinTech, PropTech and InsuTech companies that can enter the Chilean market or improve their performance thanks to a new service of outsourcing of marketing and business exploration/sales that was created by Maximiliano Morales, CEO of AmixTech, the innovation division of and former consultant of FinTech startups from Perú and Chile.

The strenght of is that they manage a database of 35.000 suscribers of their newsletter in the main areas of Santiago: Las Condes, Vitacura, Providencia, La Reina, Ñuñoa, Lo Barnechea, Chicureo, Concepción, Antofagasta, Viña del Mar-Valparaiso that belonged to a database of an outlet wine store from 2010-2015 that Morales lead and consolidated a national delivery strategy of wine and gourmet products thanks to their website and loyal buyers-costumers.

Santiago, Chile

The main reason to offer these services for Delivery – FinTech companies is because the platform is working with Maximiliano Morales, former business advisor of FinTech startups like Alfi and Chaty from Perú while they were starting their operations thanks to Start-Up Chile, and before MundoCard, a pre-paid card.

Max was also strategic consultant and Press management of that now is participating in the last batch of 500 Startups and

Also, during the growth of an historical startup that belonged to the actual founders of Conershop, Maximiliano Morales collaborate as strategic consultant for Oskar Hjertonsson to start operations in the city of Concepcion in the south of Chile. In that time, Morales coordinated local press to increse the awareness of the chilean platform and helped to select the city manager. After a couple of weeks, Groupon bought the Chilean, consolidating one of the first strategic consulting of Maximiliano Morales

Max Morales is considered a serial entrepreneur that provides strategic consulting for startups and companies thanks to his accomplishments of selling over 1.5 millions of dollars in the outlet wine store during 5 years.

He also worked for the innovation agency of  CORFO (Chilean Government) closely leading an entire program called Nodo Estratégico Chile Vitivinícola 2.0, where he was the manager responsible for creating the Wine Road Map of Chilean Wines in alliance with CORFO, Agriculture Ministry and the local wine association based on four verticals: Old vineyards, Climate Change, Development of New Products and Wine Marketing in the territory of Maule to Aysén Region, in the middle of Patagonia.

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